Forget Me Not – Art Against Alzheimer’s 2018 Prints

Small compilation of work submitted to this year’s – and hopefully next year’s – Forget Me Not: Art Against Alzheimer’s, a charity art auction that raised over $5000 this year for Alzheimer’s care and treatment for the San Luis Obispo / 5 Cities area.

“L’Enfer du Soldat,” based on the work of Hans Larwin and Georges Leroux.

Allan Hancock College animation alumni Mr. Brandon Tokunaga has personally run this event for the past several years, and with the help of family, friends, local artists, as well as business and community goodwill he’s made something both unique and genuinely positive for the Central Coast area.

Two prints that were more movie themed; “Putting The Eye in FBI” (X-Files); “And Hope To Die” (Aliens).


2018 Art Against Alzheimer’s Charity Auction

khylov__forget_me_not_art_against_alzheimers_2018_splashpageThe above is for this year’s Forget Me Not: Art Against Alzheimers charity art auction.

Below was a preview for prints I submitted to last year’s show. Most of the themes revolve around pop culture references, movies and video games mostly, though I’m able to sneak in an abstract thing here or there. Not to mention concept work from, well, work; mostly stuff that’s either been aired already or were otherwise unused concepts.khylov__forget_me_not_art_against_alzheimers_2017_splashpage_kyle_shockley